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Cash Cow Youtube Channels are worth it

First, let me explain to you a little about the cash cow term. A cash cow is one of the four categories in the growth-share matrix representing a product, product line, or asset that will produce consistent cash flows over its lifespan once acquired and paid off. And a Cash Cow YouTube Channel is a term made by Chase Namic, a self-made millionaire who owns more than 20 channels on YouTube. He explains that a Cash Cow YouTube Channel is made with the sole purpose of making money.

Cash Cow YouTube Channels make money by trying to get as many views as possible (since YouTube pays for every thousand views) and monetize them purely with Google Adsense. So, say it, Cash Cow YouTube Channels are created just for money, and there is no camera or a Youtuber. There are just some videos about any subject. (You can look at “animal lovers” or “watch mojo” as an example). So, If you don’t mind being a traditional YouTuber and you want to earn money from Youtube; I think you should start a Cash Cow YouTube Channel because of these reasons:

“5 Reasons you should start a Cash Cow YouTube Channel.”

  1. You don’t need to show your face.

For years I saw videos on Youtube. I was looking at some gorgeous people explaining something, mostly too slowly. Mostly not good enough. Sometimes I put the video on the 2x speed, and they were still slow. So I thought to myself, I can do better; I can do much better, But I didn’t want to put my face in the camera. I’m a shy person, an introvert, or any other thing they named it. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I was sure I couldn’t do it that way even when I knew the YouTubers aren’t good enough. But when I realized there are some Cash Cow Youtube Channels, I started my channel.

  1. 0$ budget for starting

Even if you can show your face and be a traditional Youtuber, you can’t start it with zero budget. It will cost you at least a good camera, a sound studio or environment to record your videos, and a good gesture. All of those things will cost you, and there are some people out there that dominate those things. So maybe It will be a little hard to compete with them. But you can start a Cash Cow Youtube Channel with just a pc and a film editor software with zero budget.

  1. Cash-Cowing

People like me who don’t want to put themselves on camera always like passive income. Something, if it’s even small, but is permanent. (I don’t know why but it is always true. I’m delighted when I do some little practice every day or even eat my vitamin pills.) Cash Cow Youtube Channels save you time. You can choose your niche (for example, some people like pranks on TikTok, cats or dogs on Instagram, or anything else). They always have many videos of them. They follow these pages and know the best dog dances in the world. You can find your niche, just being yourself, living your life, and at night put your new dog-dancing videos together, add a voiceover, and post a new video for your Cash Cow Youtube Channel. (Some of the biggest Cash Cow Youtube Channels are as simple as that. just maybe a little more complicated)

  1. Delegating

When you are a traditional YouTuber, you should always be there. Dress up, put a camera on yourself, and start talking. (In my opinion, they also don’t like it. Sometimes I can see in their eyes, in their face, that they also don’t like it.) but with a Cash Cow Youtube Channel, you can do nothing. You can find a niche, download some related videos from TikTok, Instagram, and whatever, put them together and start a channel. Or also, if you want to produce your videos and do them more professionally, you can outsource all the tasks and let your money work for you. There are many people in (for example) Fiverr whom you can delegate the scriptwriting, narrating, video editing, and all this to them; At a meager cost. (Believe me, I was a Fiverr freelancer before)

  1. The videos are never dead.

The type of videos Cash Cow Youtube Channels produce (most of them at least) are never dead. You don’t need to revise the video or be on the camera to make a new one. They can always be helpful. You can produce many of them and let them be on your Youtube channel. I had that experience. Maybe nobody watches your video for a long time, but the Youtube algorithms are like this: when the viewers are starting to grow, it affects you. I had an experience that one of my videos had a maximum of 10 viewers a day, and in one day, suddenly (I don’t know why), it got more than 5000 views, and from that day, the growth started.

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