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Email Marketing Complete Guide (Section one: Email Marketing Definition)

I’m going to share my experience with email marketing with you. What is it? How can we use it? And as a writer, how it becomes useful for us in many cases. I wasted my time before to see some guys on YouTube that come with a fascinating car and say we bought this car with just email marketing and waste your time. Eventually, they will say 4 or 5 valuable sentences in an 8 minutes video (the video should be at least 8 minutes to show ads also between the video).

Email Marketing ROI

There is something about email marketing. People say for each dollar you invest in email marketing, you will get back 40 dollars. There is a picture everywhere on the internet that compared many things to email marketing. You can find it by searching email marketing ROI. Something like this will come to you. I don’t know if it is correct or not. When everybody says so, maybe it’s right, but that doesn’t matter. The things are matters is email marketing will help you a lot. You want to earn money from the internet or broadcast your services or your website or anything. It helped me a lot before.

What is Email Marketing?

Let’s make things simple. Email marketing is simply sending emails to a bunch of people. Your goal is obviously to promote something. Get traffic to your website or blog, make some sales, or earn some money with an affiliate link.

There are three kinds of email marketers. Number one is those who send bulk emails over the internet to promote an affiliate link or CPA link, and so on. Those are bulk mailers and are considered “spammers.” number two is cold email marketing. We send emails to not our subscribers, but we are not spamming them, so it’s somehow different from bulk mailing. In this type, we are not promoting affiliate links. Instead, we are sending targeted emails to specific people to open a relation or conversation with them. So, we can later promote something or maybe ask for something. And finally, the third type is traditional email marketing.

Email Marketing Steps

So how it works? How does email marketing work? What are the steps to be a successful email marketer? We have three main stages. Number one is to build an email list. Next, you will send Emails, and you should know to whom you will send them.

Of course, you don’t want to send emails promoting, for example, fitness products to writers like me. A person like me doesn’t care much about his body. In other words, you have to send emails to interested people. Step two is how to write your email. There are some techniques and templates. I will provide all of them. But like all other types of writing, there isn’t any specific thing. You should know your audience and write to him.

After that, you should find a tool or build a system to send the emails. In this part, the important thing is that tool lets you analyze all of your campaigns. For example, you should know how many people opened your mail and how many of them clicked on that. Sometimes you send an email with two different templates and text to know which one is better. It’s call A/B testing. A/B testing is a full-time job of many people in organizations. In this way, you understand what is working and what is not working, and what you should change. I will cover all the free and premium tools in another article. And that is just it.

Read the following posts of this complete guide.

They sell a complete course for each of these steps or record a bunch of YouTube videos and show you many advertisements. But believe this is as easy as what I said to you. Compare to writing, for example, an excellent short story; it’s absolutely nothing. I will cover everything in the following posts. Let this post stay an introduction as the name says it.

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