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Validate Email List Free (Email Marketing Complete Guide-Section Three)

We talked about email marketing definition and steps in the first section, and after that, in the second section of this email marketing complete guide, I showed some ways to build an email list for free. So now, when we have our email list, before any other action, you should first do something, validate email list.

First, let me a little explain the concept. What is email list validation?

When you are here and reading this, maybe you already knew this, but I want to talk about the importance of email validation. Whenever you have an email marketing campaign and if you want your emails to go to the inbox, one of the main factors is to verify list of email addresses, which means checking every email if it’s valid or not.

How to validate an email list?

Ok. Now we know that verify email address list is so important for our campaign. So let me explain to you how to validate a list of email addresses.

1. email validation services (validate email list online)

We have many services that can make the Validate Email List for you. Some of the bests are Zerobounce, Neverbounce, and Debounce. I tried all of them before, and all three of them work fine. They will do the job with almost 99% of accuracy for you. But of course, these services are not free. Let’s say we are going to validate, for example, 25000 emails. Debounce will charge you 30 dollars. Also, the price for Zerobounce will be 162 dollars, and validate 25000 emails in Neverbounce will cost you 125 dollars.

2. email validation software

Instead of the services I mentioned to you, You can buy email validation software and pay for it just once and use it to validate any number of emails you want. In this case, I worked with Atomic Mail Verifier and Maxprog. Both applications are good. You can import the list of emails, and they validate email list in seconds or minutes. However, you have to know about this software because if your internet provider is blocking SMTP ports on your network, these applications might not work. So the best practice in using such applications is to create a VPS server, an RDP server, and especially on Amazon Cloud, which allows you to open any port to have a high performance.

3. verify email list free

But how to verify email list online free? Because I worked with all of those before and bought both of the software for myself, for all of you who want to start something and don’t want or can’t (for any reason) to pay for it, I will validate up to 25000 emails. So you can send me your file with the contact us form, and I verify the list of email addresses and respond to you with the validated emails soon. Totally free.

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