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How To Write Marketing Emails (email marketing complete guide-section 4)

We talked about email marketing definition and steps in the first section, and after that, in the second section of this email marketing complete guide, I showed some ways to build an email list for free. And in section three, I shared my experience about how to validate an email list for free. So now we have a validated email list and want to send an email. The next thing is writing a good email that converts. So in this section, I will tell you how to write marketing emails.

Writing emails and writing promotional emails are about three things. First, you should write a good subject line that makes people open the emails. The second is the email body and content. Then content should be somehow interesting that causes people to read it until the end and click on the link and the third part and the essential part is to make sure that your email will not go to spam or promotion and will land into the inbox.

1. Write a good subject line

Whenever you receive an email, the first thing you will see is the subject line. If the subject line grabs your attention, you will open the email. But How to write a professional email subject line? What are good email subject lines? I wrote an entire article about it before. You can find it here:

How to write good email subject lines

2. Write perfect content for marketing emails

Also, here is a whole article about how to write marketing emails content with the TCPARS rule.

How to write marketing emails content

3. Avoid spam in email marketing

you can also find the related article about avoiding spam here:

How to avoid spam in email marketing

At the end of the fourth section of the email marketing complete guide, we have an email list; we validated it before and wrote our perfect email. So now it is time to send it. In the next section, I will discuss the best email marketing services and how to send emails for free.

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