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What is cold email marketing and How to write cold emails (free templates)

In this article, we are going to talk about cold email marketing. What is cold email marketing? We talked before about how to build an email list. The differences start from here. There are two types of an email lists. The first one is your email subscribers who subscribe to your newsletter and want to receive your emails. SO You can send your newsletter or promote any links or services to them, as long as you do not bother and they don’t unsubscribe or mark you as spam.

But there is also another type of email list. A list of emails that you scrape from the web or buy from somewhere or collect them from search in LinkedIn or Google. They don’t subscribe to your email list, and you can’t promote links and services to them directly. It’s called spamming if you do that. You should first contact them with some emails that do not promote any link or service directly, and this process is called cold email marketing.

What is cold email marketing?

When we talk about cold email marketing, it’s that technique that we send emails to people that did not subscribe to our list to turn them into subscribers. So when we talk about cold email marketing, we don’t send any promotional emails. We send a cold email to an audience that will look 100% legal. Then we try to turn the audience into a subscriber of our real email list. And after that, you can market him anything you want. So the name is cold because it’s somehow a long process. It may take around 2-3 months to turn those emails into real subscribers. Then market them your service and products, so it’s how cold email marketing works.

Let’s say we have a thousand emails that we collected from Facebook. So now you have an email list, and you start sending cold emails to this list. So you send an email promoting nothing, you want to contact this person to get his trust, and you can build a relation. Then those people will turn to subscribers to your list, and you can market them. So think about it. Cold email marketing is like building an email list using email marketing (If you still don’t know how to write and send emails, you can follow the email marketing complete guide series on this blog. I already explained how you could build an email list, validate your email list, write a marketing email, and the best ways to send emails.)

How To Write Cold Emails

Cold emails must not be anything related to the promotion. The idea here is to send valuable content to a person. The niche you are targeting is so important here. For example, you certainly should send a writer certain things related to writing, maybe a free tutorial or anything you want. They will see this email, they will read it, they will get some benefit and possibly click on the link and go to your website and so on. this way, you will send thousands of emails each month, and after that, you will see that people are subscribing to your list and your website.

Cold Emails Templates Free Download

I already prepared a package that contains cold emails for SEO, Recruitment, Sales, Marketing, Networking, Follow-up, and other emails. The package has more than 200 hundred cold email templates that you can use to send emails. You can receive the complete package in your email for free by contact us.

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