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How To Create A Blog For Free (Become A Blogger-Section One)

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to create a blog for free. Without having a website making money online is very hard. A blog will introduce you and help you in all the aspects of your online work. In this series of articles, I’m going to tell you how to become a blogger. I start with talking about how to create a blog for free and after will follow the process step by step to anything you need to know to become a blogger.

How to create a blog for free

For creating a blog, you will need a host on the internet, a domain address that points to your host, and a blogging application or script installed to your host. There are free hosts and domains that you can use for the start. I’m not going to fill this article with the name of that sites. You can search for that. You can use Kamatera, x10Hosting, FreeHosting, etc. Also, Freenom will let you have free domain names such as .tk. But if you want to have a blog for free, I suggest you use blogger. Blogger is a service by Google that you can go there and start your blog in some easy steps.

How to create a blog on WordPress

If you can spend a little money, I strongly suggest using a paid host, such as Digitalocean, and a good domain name that you can buy from GoDaddy and WordPress to create a blog website. WordPress is free itself and very easy to install. You can install WordPress in some clicks based on your host and your panel. If you don’t know how to install WordPress, you can see the following article. After installing WordPress, you should pick a theme. You can use free themes or buy a premium theme. I published another article before on how to find and install a theme on WordPress. You can follow that. There are several appropriate free themes that you can start with. No worries about that.

Consistency is the primary key

I’m not going to lie to you. You find many lies about earnings as a blogger on youtube. That’s not easy to make money as a blogger. The critical key to blogging is consistency. It would be best if you did it every day. Create new articles with good SEO and try to gain traffic on your blog. In the first two or three months, with 2 or 3 hours of effort every day, you may earn a little or nothing. But one thing is important here. If you choose the right niche for your blog, working on your blog is not work. You will have your routine, read the books you wanted to read, do the works you wanted to do, and share your knowledge and experiences on your blog.

Everybody looks through passive income.

I told you, you should work months and months on your blog to become a successful blogger. After the third month, you start to see the results, but it will grow permanently whenever it starts. And the best thing about becoming a blogger is the income is passive. If you precisely built your blog and worked on the SEO, your content will work for you. With permanent natural traffic from search engines, all the income will be passive. So you can maintain your blog and make money when you are writing your next novel. Maybe you have the next bestseller in your hand now.

In the next section of this series of articles, I will talk about the blogging niche. What is a niche, and how to choose the best niche for your blog? And after that, I will talk about writing blog content and SEO on your content and gaining natural traffic on your website. Follow the following articles in the “become a blogger” series.

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