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Pick A Blog Niche That Makes Money (Become A Blogger-Section Two)

In the previous section of the “become a blogger” article series, I discussed creating a blog. I introduce blogger as a free platform for a start. Also talked about WordPress, installing WordPress on different hosts and servers, and finding and installing the best theme for your WordPress blog. So, we built our blog before. This section will talk about one of the essential things in blogging—the blog niche. Before anything else, you should pick a blog niche that makes money.

Pick a blog niche

You want to start your journey to become a blogger, but you struggle to select the blog niche. What to do? And how to choose the blog niche? Let’s first define and explain what is a blog niche. Niche is not only the topic you are going to write about; it is also how you will engage with your audience. How you will position yourself as an expert in this field? or simply how you will share your experience? or whatever you want to share with your audience. So, the blog niche is the topic you select and how you will deliver it and engage with it with your audience.

Let’s assume I’m a writer. For several years I struggled with how to earn money as a freelance writer. So, this is my blog niche. Here I share my daily writings, write about the books I’m reading, and share my experiences on how writers can earn money from home while writing their next novel. The important thing is you always start with one or two subjects and then you will expand it. It helps you to have related articles and rank better on google and also target specific audiences.

I started this blog with email marketing, and I published all the things a person should know to start email marketing. After that, I’m now talking about becoming a blogger, and later, I will expand to other subjects, but they are all related to the blog niche. The point is you are not obliged to stick with one micro-niche. Maybe later, I will share some articles about growing your YouTube channel, but they are related. It would be best if you didn’t start with animals and then talk about email marketing. Continually expand in the same or related blog niche.

Blog niche list

Usually, people are trying to find blog niche ideas or blog niches that make money. It’s not working this way. Instead, you should pick a blog niche that suits you. Remember, you want to add content for years, and I told you before that the main thing is consistency for becoming a successful blogger. If you pick a blog niche you do not like; You can’t continue your job for months and years. So first, find your niche and then check it with keyword research tools to know what the CPC is. (CPC is the cost per click. You can check that for any keyword on keyword research tool websites like Ubbersuggest. we will go through that in the next section.) But here is a blog niche list for you to have some ideas:

  1. Money Related Topics: money related topics like personal finance, like making money online, side hustles, and how to make money on the side like how to build an online business and so on are always popular
  2. Cooking: cooking is somehow broad, so you need to go somehow specific as an example, talk about maybe gluten-free food or maybe healthy food or children food and so on
  3. Sports: If you love a sport and you follow it or do it in your free time, you can start your blog on a sport. The news, the techniques, the reviews, and so on.
  4. Parenting and babies: If you are a parent, you can share your experiences and knowledge about being a good parent. The books you read, the mistakes you made, and so on.
  5. Psychology and memory: If you love psychology or you are an expert on that, you can start your blog on the human mind, memory, life improvement, and so on.

Research your niche.

There are a lot of other blog niches that you can choose from. But the main thing is you should somehow combine your interest and expertise; then you can succeed in any niche. Also, if you have a passion for learning something, you can start learning and share what you learned on your blog.

After selecting your blog niche, do some research about that. For example, if you choose writing as your niche. Search it on google, find the other blogs that have this niche. Then, go to Buzzsumo and paste the URL of that blog there. It will help you know which content is doing great on that blog and let you have some ideas about the subject of your content. In the next section, we are going to write our first article for our blog.

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