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How To Find Best Keywords For SEO (Write SEO Articles-Section One)

I believe that the best way to get free traffic from Google is SEO. I will show you how to create an article for a blog and apply all the SEO concepts in this series of articles. But In this article, and the first article on how to write SEO Articles series, I will talk about keyword research. Step one in your SEO process. I will let you know how to find best keywords for SEO.

What is SEO?

But first. What is SEO? Simply SEO is about applying some techniques to rank your website and your articles On top of Google to get free organic traffic. SEO is about three steps. First, keyword research: means find the best keywords for your website and your article. After that, the second step is on-page SEO: Optimizing your website and your articles for that keyword, and at last, we have off-page SEO which means getting backlinks, etc. I will cover the on-page and off-page SEO in the following articles of this series. Now I’m going to go in deep into step number 1.

How To Find Best Keywords

So, let’s start with keyword research and how to find best keywords for SEO. Simply on this blog, I have some articles about email marketing; Where I showed step by step how we could start our way in email marketing. (If you didn’t start your blog already, you could use this article to start your blog for free.) So I’m going to find the best keywords for one of my email marketing articles. Many services will let you search to find best SEO keywords. One of them is Wordtracker. Go to Wordtracker and search your keyword there. For example, I searched for email marketing. It will show you many keywords, and you can find best keywords through them. As you see in the table, toward the volume of search, we have some other terms.

research keywords Wordtracker

PPC Competition: The higher this number is there is more PPC Competition for the keyword. So you have more competitors, and it will be hard for you to be on the top of search results.

CPC: It means cost per click. It shows how much you can earn by any of the keywords.

IAAT(In anchor and title): It shows a count of web pages on which the keyword appears in the title and the backlink. (By clicking on the SEO, it will show you IAAT and competition)

Choose The Best Keyword For Your Article

So to find the best keywords for your article, you should see a keyword with a high volume of search, High CPC, and a low number of IAAT and PPC Competition. It’s very hard. Because naturally, when the cost per click for a keyword is high, the competition is also challenging, but you can find some keywords with a reasonable cost per click and not very hard to be in the first results of the search.

Also, there are some suggestions on the left of the screen on Wordtracker that you can use as the keyword. Copy them and enter the keyword on Wordtracker again, find out the relatives’ names, and then compare CPC, IAAT, Volume, and other factors. It may cost you some time to find best keywords, but I assure you it will payback. If you just started your blog, be sure that you will pick a low competitor keyword. It’s not important if the monthly search volume is low. However, it would be best if you start from such keywords.

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