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On-Page SEO Techniques and Checklist (Write SEO Articles-Section Two)

In the previous section of the “Write SEO Articles” series, I discussed finding the best keywords for your article. I assume that you found the keyword, and now you want to write an article about that keyword. There are some rules and techniques to write an article that google indexes well and can be top in the search results; This is on-page SEO meaning. This article will talk about on-page SEO techniques and on-page SEO tools that can help you write the perfect SEO article.

So we found out what is on-page SEO definition, Let’s assume this article as an example. I searched before and found my keyword. I’m going to use “on-page SEO” as my primary and focus keywords and some combination of this with other things like techniques, checklist, and … as my tags and different keywords. I searched all of them before and made sure they are all searched by people, the PPC is not bad, and the competition is not too high. If you don’t know about PPC and other things yet, you can follow the previous section on finding the best keywords for your article.

On-Page SEO Checklist

1. write the perfect SEO title

OK. I’m going to start. The first thing about on-page SEO factors is the title. The title is significant. But here is a simple rule to write the perfect title for your article. Be sure your focus keyword, the keyword you have chosen before, is contained in your title, and it’s also better if it will be at the beginning of the title. And after that write some charming words that encourage people to click on your article. The title should be long-something near 60 characters.

2. Permalinks

The second part of 0n-page SEO optimization is the permalinks. The permalinks are also important. It’s better to set your permalinks to show the page title. If you are using WordPress, you can do it easily from your WordPress panel from setting>>permalinks if you don’t install WordPress yet. You can find how to install WordPress and find and install the best theme for your blog to run your blog on WordPress.

3. Meta Description

The meta description is another on-page SEO grader that you should write it wisely. It is the description that will show under the title on the google search page. Be sure that you write a clear description of your article, and also make sure you use your focus keyword in your description. It should not be more than 156 characters.

4. The article text body

The fourth part, in this on-page SEO audit, is the text body itself. Make sure your text is more than at least 400 characters and the readability is good. You have clear language. The paragraphs are not too short or too long. You used transitions words between your sentences, and the passive voice is not too much. Also, another important thing is subheadings. In this article, you see, I used many subheadings for my text, and some of them also contain my focus keywords. (Be aware subheadings are shown with tags in your content, and you should use H2 to H6 for your subheading. In this article, I used H2 and H3 for my subheadings. for using it just simply put your text between tags).
And the last thing about the article body is to make sure you use your focus keyword many times. You said google your article is about your keyword, So you should use it in your article.

Keyword Density

Don’t overuse your focus keyword in the body of your article. We have a term called keyword density. It’s said you should, for example, use 8 to 10 times your keyword in 800 words article. But, if you use it too much, it causes you some problems.

5. Image optimization for On-Page SEO

Another important thing in the on-page SEO guide is Image optimization. Make sure you use an image in your post. The image should be related to the article, and make sure that you set the title, caption, and the description of the image with something related that has your focus keyword in it. And also, make sure you use a good image as your featured image. It will be shown in the google search results near your meta description.

6. Internal/External Links

The last thing in our on-page SEO checklist is internal and external links. Your site and your article should not be a dead-end. In your article, when you speak about another service or website, link the words to that website. Maybe you talk about something that you published and an article about it before to link to your previous article. It will be perfect if you write some content related to each other and have many internal links between them.

On-Page SEO Checklist On WordPress

If you are using WordPress, You can install a plugin named YOAST SEO plugin. It will help you in many parts of SEO, let you know all on-page SEO techniques, and audit all of your pages. In addition, whenever you write an article, the plugin will audit it and let you know the problems and where you should improve.

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