This project was done for Andrea Lee Grant the CEO of a clinic with around 10 employees in Canada.

Healthcare Industry
Data Analytics


When Andreas came to us, she was exhausted with her data. The data came from some forms and she should have done lots of manual jobs to clean the data, add them to other sheets and then start to do some analysis on them. We are at theink.tech firstly made the whole process automated to avoid any mistakes and errors that happen when you do anything manually and after that offered Andrea data analytics and data visualization services that helped here to see all the analysis online on her dashboard that updates automatically. Currently, we are still supporting Andrea with her data analytics projects, and here are some of her comments about the last projects:

Client's Comment

I would definitely work with theink.tech again. They troubleshooted a tough excel problem for me, and we finally solved it. They does seem to have excellent excel skills. They were very responsive.