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How To Write SEO-Optimized Articles (Become A Blogger-Section Three)

In previous sections of the “become a blogger” article series, we learned how to create a blog for free, and after that, in the second section, I talked about blog niche and how to pick a blog niche that makes money. So, we created our blog before, and we also know our niche and want to start creati...


Off-Page SEO Techniques and Checklist (Write SEO Articles-Section three)

In the previous sections of the “Write SEO Articles” series, I discussed finding the best keywords for your article. And after that, I talked about On-page SEO techniques and checklists. I assume that you found the keyword and wrote an article about that keyword. Some rules and techniques are not ev...


How To Find Best Keywords For SEO (Write SEO Articles-Section One)

I believe that the best way to get free traffic from Google is SEO. I will show you how to create an article for a blog and apply all the SEO concepts in this series of articles. But In this article, and the first article on how to write SEO Articles series, I will talk about keyword research. Step ...